Ole 97 Alumni Association


A Legacy Left

Back in 1939, Galilee Baptist Church formed a Boy scout troop as a youth ministry to occupy and mold the hearts and lives of young men in the neighborhood. They asked a young man named Robert L. 'Buddy' Irwin to lead this new ministry as Scoutmaster. Buddy accepted. And the rest is history.

For fifty years, Buddy led the troop. To many of the thousands of boys who came through the troop, he was more like a father to them than just a Scoutmaster. Boys from the troop went on to enter all walks of life. Lawyers, doctors, foresters, biologists, teachers, politicians, pastors, policemen. Many of them chose careers based upon something they learned in scouting.

Buddy passed away in 1990, leaving some mighty big shoes to fill. Other men have stepped up to take the reins, and the troop continues today, as strong and vital as its ever been, still turning boys into men. The troop boasts over 200 Eagles in its nest and still growing. With a solid group of leaders and a great group of young men, they travel across the nation in the Old Swamp Fox bus, seeing such far-flung places as the Grand Canyon and Washington, DC.

The Legend Lives On

In 2000, Audrey 'Umpy' Osborn felt the calling to form an Alumni Association, composed of men who were once in the troop. The Alumni Association was a way for the men to regroup and reconnect with their friends from the troop, and also a chance to give back to the troop that gave them so much. Click on THIS LINK to watch a 7 minute video about the troop and it's alumni.